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Most importantly, the contents of the addon In the Name of the Tsar are new maps that recreate such a lovely, snow-covered scenery. If in the previous "numbered" part each DLC had 4 new battlefields, then in the case of BF1 the developers from DICE already for the second time pleased with as many as 6 cards. It is to be hoped that such a number will become the new standard for the series.Unlike the past addon Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar has a very strong charisma. This is the "Russian" color, which is famous throughout the world.Lovers of history will also be surprised to see the famous female death battalions in the add-on. Representatives of the fair sex are fighting only in the ranks of the imperial troops, and only in the class of scouts with sniper rifles. Battalion of death, otherwise you will not say!

Weapons and equipment
The developers added new equipment, most of which is typical for the troops of the Russian Empire and the Red Army. For example, now fighters can shoot from a double-barreled gun, Fyodorov's automatic machine, a massive hand-held machine gun Parabellum MG-14 with a very amusing drum and, of course, from the good old Mosinka.

New regime and specializations
Of course, 95% of players play Battlefield only in the "Capture" mode, where you need to capture points, but DICE persistently add new modes to the game. In the Name of the Tsar, for example, the "Supply Chain" appeared, inspired by the constant shortage of cartridges and medications on the Eastern Front.

New battles
Brusilovsky breakthrough
Known to us from school, the historic offensive operation of the Russian army in Bukovina and Eastern Galicia, during which the troops of Austria-Hungary and Germany were defeated.

Operation Albion
The Moonsund battle, better known as the "Operation Albion", in which Germany, using ground forces and the Navy, attacked the islands in the Baltic Sea belonging to the Russian Republic. In this battle, at the cost of huge losses, Germany won.

Minimum Requirements

Core i5 6600K / AMD FX-6350
8 GB
64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
50 GB

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