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The second addition of Guild Wars 2: "Path of Fire" continues the storyline of the third season of live history. Therefore, if you are interested in the contents of the add-on, now is the right time for passing current events. A new adventure chapter will add forgotten lands to the Crystal Desert and the kingdom of Elon, where players will go to fight a new threat - the army of Balthazar, the god of fire and war. In addition to it, the king of the desert Palava Djoko with a horde of dead people will also be unfriendly to travelers, and creatures that obey the will of the Ancient Dragon Kralkatorrik. Despite such a large number of opponents do not worry, to help players will be both old and new allies.
With the release of PoF you will open five new maps located in the south-eastern region. They will become the largest locations in the game. On their expanses one can find not only beautiful landscapes, but also dangerous enemies, meta-events, adventures, bosses, jump puzzles and much more.
To travel through such vast terrain heroes will need faithful satellites - mounts. But Arenanet decided not just to add a vehicle. Each of the four available mounts has unique abilities that will be useful in some situations. The opening of the mounts is tied to the locations, and their development is based on the skill system. As they are pumped, they will strengthen their fighting skills and open up new opportunities for travel. Each mount has a skill that allows you to start the battle. You can call them using the new button located on the right side of the character's skill pane. There you can choose an active mount, it works just like the choice of skills.
Lizard - the first available mount, is able to travel long distances with the help of leap forward.
Springer - these lovely creatures will allow you to climb on sheer rocks, because their main ability is in vertical jumps.
Skimmer - very similar to skates, move gliding above the surface of the earth or water. They can climb to a small height.
Jackal - created by the jinns of sand magical creatures. Can teleport to small distances and go through sandy portals.

The first elite specializations appeared in the game with the addition of "Heart of Thorns". PoF will add nine more, one for each class. New elite specializations will provide a unique gameplay and allow players to look at their favorite classes in a new way. For example, an elementalist can combine two elements simultaneously, activating two skills from each. The fifth skill will become the synergy of both elements.

All elite specializations open classes to new weapons for use.
Weaver (Elementalist) - Weapon: one-handed sword. At the same time, two different elements can be used.
Soulbeast (Ranger) - Weapon: Dagger. Uniting with your pet is available. In the add-on locations, new animals will be available for this class.
Spellbreaker (Warrior) - Weapons: Two daggers. He was in the Order of the Sunshine. Specializes in battles against sorcerers.
Holosmith (Engineer) - Weapons: one-handed sword. In combat uses a holographic weapon of various types.
Firebrand (Guardian) - Weapon: Ax. Expert of secret folios. Knows how to set fire to enemies, and also use mantras.
Mirage (Mesmer) - Weapon: Ax. Melee specialist. He prefers to use mirages and evasion.
Deadeye (Thief) - A weapon: a gun. Destroys enemies from long distances.
Scourge (Necromancer) - Weapon: Torch. Rejects Palawa Joko, finding an alternative path to the necromancer. He gives his life forces to the earth to protect the allies.
Renegade (Revenant) - Weapon: shortbow. Uses the spirit of the legendary Kalla Scorchrazor, causing the power of her gang.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Minimum Requirements

Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz, Core i3, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better
4 GB
Windows® 7 or better (64 bit only)
50 GB

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